Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Since we started our business in 2002, almost no technology has changed as much as cell phones.  Since then, most land line telephones have been replaced with wireless cellular telephones.  These mobile devices are extremely important in our everyday lives.  Dependable and reliable cell phone service is critical in your home and business.  Dropped calls and slow data service can be frustrating, costly, and even dangerous if you can’t reach emergency services.

Measuring signal strength outside building

A number of things can cause problems with cell phone service inside homes, offices and other buildings.  The construction materials used in the building can decrease or stop the carriers wireless signal from entering.  Metal walls and stucco walls, metal roofs, radiant barrier in walls and roofs, and low-e window glass all present barriers to wireless signals.  North Texas has relatively flat terrain, but there are some locations where cell tower signals are blocked by hills.

A cell phone signal booster can be installed to overcome these barriers.  Simple in concept, they consist of 3 main components:

  1. Outside antenna pointed to cell tower

      An outside antenna that receives signals from the cell tower

  2.   One or more inside antennas that distribute the cell cell tower signal inside the building
  3.   A bi-directional amplifier that boosts the cell tower signal and your cell phone signal.
Indoor antenna, ceiling mount

We design and install these systems in residential, commercial and utility buildings.  If you are having problems with your cell phone in these areas,  the first step is to have us conduct a site survey.  Then we can design a system and give you a quotation for the parts and installation labor.

Frequently asked questions

Q:  Will these booster systems work in my building?

A:  If you have reliable cell phone service outside of a building but not inside, then these systems will work for you.  If you are in an area that does not have cell phone service, a “dead zone”, then it is unlikely that a booster system will work.

Q:  What size building can these systems work in?

A:  From the smallest home to the largest building.  These systems can scale up to cover any size space.  Homes, apartments, hospitals, retail stores, restaurants, banks, schools, office buildings, factories, airplane hangars and warehouses can all be covered.

Q:  What brand of equipment do you install?

A:  After working in this market since 2008, we have selected the Wilson Electronics brand of cell phone booster components.  Wilson is the market leader and makes the highest quality systems that come with a 3 year warranty.  M31 is a Certified Wilson Pro installer/dealer.

Q:  What if I already purchased a DIY booster system and want you to install it?

A:  Sure, we can install any FCC approved booster system on a time and materials basis.  If you do plan on DIY, we recommend the weBoost brand as the highest quality product on the market, available from online re-sellers like Amazon.

Q:  Will a cell phone booster work with all carriers?

A:  Yes!  The Wilson products work on every network, for any carrier, including Verizon, T Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and U.S. Cellular.  Works  for voice and 4G data:  LTE/CDMA/GSM/UMTS/AWS

Q:  My phone works on WiFi also.  Will a cell phone booster work with WiFi?

A:  Only cellular signals are boosted, and this will not interfere with your WiFi signal.  If you have a weak WiFi signal, M31 can solve that problem with a different product line.

Q:  After you install the system, will my phone have 5 bars inside the building?

A:  Maybe, but probably not.  Bars are not a standard of measurement and vary from phone brand to phone brand.  Instead of bars, we use dBm (deciBel milliwatts) to measure signal strength.  We measure the signal strength outside the building and carefully design the system to boost the signal strength inside the building for reliable voice and fast data service.  Your phone should show more bars with the system turned on than with the system turned off, but what is more important is reliable service.