ISF Calibration Services

This is a high end tune up for your video system.ISFlogo This process insures that your display makes the most accurate image possible.  You are seeing the art exactly as the cinematographer intended.   A side benefit is that your display will use less energy after calibration!

I have been performing ISF Calibrations since January, 2002.  I completed the original ISF training class that month, and I completed the ISF Level II training class in June, 2010.

I use the very latest state of the art test equipment:

  • Sencore VP403 HD Signal Generator

    Video Signal Generator
  • Klein K-10 Colorimeter
  • X-Rite EyeOne Pro Spectroradiometer
  • CalMAN Video Calibration Software
Klein K-10 Colorimeter

This represents close to $20,000 in test equipment.  I have heard stories of local companies selling ISF calibration services that don’t use any test equipment at all!  They use test patterns on a DVD and use subjective judgements by eye to set the user controls only.

These sophisticated tools allow me to calibrate front projection, rear projection and direct view displays accurately.  I can calibrate all the new display technologies, including LCD, LED, LCoS, Plasma, DLP, D-ILA, as well as CRT. With the new VP403, I can calibrate all your inputs at resolutions all the way up to High Definition 1080p. The inputs it will calibrate include NTSC RF, Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video, RGBHV, Computer video inputs (VGA), ATSC RF (all the new DTV formats), DVI and HDMI.  This is important because most displays have settings that are unique to each input.  I plug the signal generator in to each input you are using and calibrate each one independantly.  Depending on the display technology for a display, I can:

  • Set user controls (brightness, contrast, color, tint, sharpness)

    EyeOne Pro Spectroradiometer
  • Check focus, geometry, overscan, convergence
  • Disable Scan Velocity Modulation
  • Measure grey scale tracking
  • Calibrate grey scale tracking to 6,500 K or any specific color temperature
  • Calibrate gamma curveCalMAN
  • Calibrate color wheel synchronization on DLP sets
  • Fix color decoder errors (red push)
  • Calibrate 3D CMS (Color Management Systems)indian_head