THX, HAA Acoustic Design and Calibration

SP495We are certified by THX to design home theaters and to perform acoustic calibrations on home theaters.  We are also certified by the Home Acoustics Alliance for acoustic calibrations on both high end audio systems and home theaters.  We use computer modeling and the very sophisticated Sencore SP495 Sound Pro Audio Consultant, Sencore DAG 5161 Digital Audio Generator and MX399 XLR 4- Microphone Multiplexer to measure and adjust your souDAG5161nd system.  If your system has never been professionally tested and calibrated, you are not getting all the performance you paid for from those expensive components.

  • Use computer simulation to predict room modes.
  • Measure room Noise Criteria and identify limiting band, problem noise source
  • Verify speaker set up, crossover settings, location, direction
  • Near Field Analysis, frequency response, distortion measurementsMX399
  • Phase testing
  • Set reference Sound Pressure Level
  • 1st Reflection Analysis
  • Bass Calibration
  • Equalization if available
  • Subwoofer level calibration
  • Resonance sweep
  • Acoustical Analysis Report

If you are thinking about installing a home theater, we offer an acoustical design service as well.

  • Room Dimensions
  • Room Mode Calculation
  • Soundproofing; Transmission Loss Requirement
  • Left Center Right Setup
  • Soundstage and Envelopment Considerations
  • Rear Effects Selection and Placement
  • Sub-woofer Placement
  • Controlling Reverberation
  • Acoustical Treatments
  • Bass Traps
  • Layout